Do I have to strictly use the audiovisuals from the Hotel?

 Most hotels work with basic audiovisual equipment such as projectors , screens and others. However for those events that requires more specialized equipment the hotel subcontracts outsoursing audiovisual companies, obviously the prices are higher because they include a shared rate between the hotel and the subcontractor, at the end customer pays expensive audiovisual services. In these cases you dont have to hire these services if you wish to, you can do directly with CBQAV with the benefits of getting a better rate and personalized service.

Can I rent only a camera to record or closed circuit of TV?

The answer is no, and this is because the camera needs attention and configuration which is not recommended that someone without experience for optimum performance handling it. The management team of our experienced operators guarantee the quality of the product delivered.

¿Do you deliver the equipment?

Once approved the reserve, CBQAV is responsible for transport of equipment to be used in the event.

Integrated services

Audiovisual technology is in a constant updating, our company always try to go hand in hand with the new changes and advances. For us there is no small event, each one is treated with the same importance because we know it is important for our clients. We instruct and advise on the use of the equipment indispensable for their needs. Todays market is aware of the technology and this involves a greater effort to the use of the tools in your event leave an amazing impression to the assistants, we help yo to exceed all expectations.

Our 5 main Services
MAUI 28 G2 speakers

More than technical characteristics with the TF5 consoles we are committed to count only with teams of professional level. With this we can say that we comply with the standards and requirements of each event. The creativity of our clients is more effective the less it is restricted, so that it is free to unleash your intuition.

Yamaha TF5 Digital audio mixter

The versatility offered by this service reaffirms that increasingly the mode of interactivity dominates the market of corporate events. Especially those that require high participation by the audience. In this way our clients have the option of presenting the information in an updated way.

Touch Screens

When it comes to professional audio, we are serious about it. From the latest generation Sennheiser ewD1 digital lavalier microphones, compatible up to 15 channels, intelligent channel support allows coexistence with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, IOS and Android app for remote control and monitoring System.

Sennheiser Micropones evolution D1

La versatilidad que ofrece este servicio reafirma que cada vez más la modalidad de interactividad acapara el mercado de los eventos corporativos. sobretodo aquellos que requieren una alta participación por parte de la audiencia. De este modo nuestros clientes cuentan con la opción de presentar la información de manera vanguardista.

Pantallas Táctiles

Within our extensive list of equipment is the Enersound R-120 multi-channel receiver for professional use specially designed for simultaneous interpretation.

Just by pressing a button, you can switch between 20 frequencies, which allows you to overcome most of the unforeseen events you may encounter at a congress.

Enersound Receptors

R-120 for Simultaneous translation

A complete sound system that is super light: presenting the MAUI 28 G2.The compact and elegant MAUI 28 G2 offers an unbeatable sound quality and a wide distribution of sound. It was developed with a one year experience in the design of column systems as an easy-to-use solution for mid-size gigs and fixed installations.


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